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How to Give Your Home Rustic Charm

How to Give Your Home Rustic Charm

Rustic home living room

Even with today’s modern marketplace, many homeowners are shying away from contemporary designs in favor of houses that portray a warmer, more rustic feel. Instead of focusing on sharp lines and shiny unforgiving chrome, people are craving the comfort that comes from dark woods and country kitchens.

With just a few simple projects, you can craft a rustic charm for your house that gives your space the old-time homey atmosphere you crave, while still taking advantage of all of the latest building and remodeling trends.

Layer Stone
One way to instantly add a classic, yet luxurious, feel to your home is to add stone. Whether around your fireplace, kitchen, or even a walkway, stone will help to accent the other rustic elements that you choose for your home, pulling together the overall theme and tone. Not to mention, this project is an affordable way to add significant value to your home quickly.

Mix Metals
Incorporating metals into your remodeling project is a great tactic when it comes to adding a more present day twist to your classic design plan. When you mix metallic pieces with standard wood, you will give your home the artistically pieced together look that rustic homes thrive on.

Accent with Hardware
The easiest way to add country charisma to your home is to swap your old hardware out for new, more stylistically pleasing pieces. By replacing nickel or chrome door handles, faucets, and kitchen knobs with brass or bronze, the overall atmosphere of your home will shift in a rustic direction.

Rustic homes are at the top of remodelers’ minds this season, and with these few simple additions, you can transform your entire space to match this charming trend. For more information on how to best give your home this shabby chic tone, visit Total Home Remodeling today.

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