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How to Balance a Big Remodel with Kids

How to Balance a Big Remodel with Kids

Keeping children out of the way during renovations can be a major concern for health, safety, and peace of mind.

If you’re familiar with the latest juice boxes and advances in applesauce on the go packaging, you’re either a super cool Aunt/Uncle or a parent.  We all know life can get a bit hectic when those little bundles of joy start arriving, things get put on the back burner, and dream projects are put on hold. Rooms somehow start to take on princess themes and yards are riddled with action figures that actually fly and do damage to your shin when you mow the yard. So, you sigh, look around at your beautiful disaster, and think “maybe when they start high school we can finally remodel”.  Sound familiar? Stop making excuses to yourself and lets start that remodels.

1. The kids will be all over the construction site.

You’re probably right, kids are curious, and they would want to watch, touch and play on the construction site… If you let them.  As always you should do your research and find a good contractor that you trust, meet the crew and lead carpenter to make sure you mesh well together, if it’s a good crew they’ll make sure they clean up well in the evenings and keep the kids safe when they’re working. Alternatively, you could put up construction tape and make it a “no go zone”, but because we all know how well kids listen, you might want to put a motion sensing bell in the doorway just incase.

2. It will end up looking like the disaster it is now.

The beautiful thing about remodeling and using a design based firm is they will help you think ahead and solve the problems you have with your space now. A good designer can find room in places you never thought of for all your storage; and think practically about how you use the space, to give you the layout you need in order to live comfortably and clutter free.

3. Noise and naps don’t go well together.

True, no one turns on saw sounds to fall asleep to.  If the kids are still at napping age and are at home, let your contractor know what time they usually nap, it may become lunch time too.  All in all, most of the loud noise actually happens outside or in the garage, with the exception of demo day and and walls going up, the first few days.

What are some of your concerns when it comes to remodeling with kids?

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