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FAQ: How Do I Make the Most Out of a Small Bathroom?

FAQ: How Do I Make the Most Out of a Small Bathroom?

Bathroom Shelves

One of the most popular, yet most likely one of the smallest, spaces in your home is the bathroom. Your bathroom serves multiple purposes, and because of this and its natural tendency to have less square footage, the area can quickly become cramped for storage. Toiletries often end up stacked along messy countertops, and towels have the habit of falling into heaps on the floor without a proper home in your tiny space.

Luckily, making the most of your small bathroom can be easy, if you follow these three tips:

Design Wisely
When choosing the type of sink, vanity, tub, etc., during your remodel process, keep in mind your need for storage. Opt for pieces that have built in space for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials. By utilizing practical design elements, your space will instantly allow for a more open atmosphere.

Mount Shelving
An easy way to free up floor space in your bathroom and give the area a larger aesthetic is to mount open shelving on your wall. Open shelving eliminates the closed off tone and extra special requirements of cabinets, while also giving your room a modern, useful twist.

Hang Strategically
In your bathroom, it is vital that you make sure every object has a home, otherwise it will just end up on the floor or shoved behind a closet door. Don’t give into that laziness and insteadtake an afternoon to hang simple hardware like towel racks to help give items a proper place to live, and also save you the hassle of always trying to find new hiding spots.

While your bathroom may not be as big as you wish, you can easily make adjustments to help the space open up. By simply installing a few shelves and opting for practical pieces of furniture, your small bathroom will quickly become the open oasis you have always dreamed of.

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