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FAQ: How Do I Make My Home More Energy Efficient in the Winter?

FAQ: How Do I Make My Home More Energy Efficient in the Winter?

Ah, winter. The time of year for hot chocolate, snowy afternoons, and high energy bills. It’s no secret that your energy bill goes up as you keep your home warm over the winter, but just because you like to keep your place nice and toasty, doesn’t mean your wallet has to run on empty.

Creating a more energy-efficient home during the winter isn’t as hard as you would think. In fact, with just these three tips, you can save big all season long.

Bad window caulking can demolish your home's ability to maintain heat.

Seal Openings

Energy, in the form of warm air, escapes your home through any cracks or small openings that are not properly secured. Small tears in your weatherstripping or even just a centimeter of caulking gone bad around a window can make a big difference when it comes to your home’s efficiency. Solve this by taking an afternoon and replacing all of the worn weatherstripping and old caulk around your home. When your home is secured, so is your energy.

Seasonal Furnace Check

Your furnace is what heats your home during the winter, and if it isn’t functioning properly, can run up your bill during the chilly season. To make sure your furnace is in top shape, be sure to replace its filters regularly, and have it checked by a professional at least once a year. Staying ahead of your furnace troubles will result in high efficiency all season.

Replace Siding

Damaged and destroyed home siding is another killer of your home's heat retention.

Just like any cracks in your weatherstripping or caulk, imperfections in your siding can lead to major energy loss during freezing temperatures.  To help keep all of that heat inside of your house, inspect your home for any areas where your siding may have holes or warps and have the areas patched or replaced immediately.  Your siding is a major factor when it comes to your home’s insulation, which is why it is such a big part of keeping your home warm and efficient.

When you take the time to make your home energy efficient, your actions benefit not only your wallet but also the environment. Not to mention, the projects you complete to keep your home warm in the winter will also help to keep your home cool in the summer. Get started today, and reap the rewards of energy efficiency all year long.

For more information and for help making your home more energy-efficient, visit Total Home Remodeling today.

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