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FAQ: How Can I Warm Up My Home this Fall?

FAQ: How Can I Warm Up My Home this Fall?

The Fall Season brings several challenges to homeowners in the Kansas City area.

Fall is in full swing in the Kansas City metro, and that means chilly nights aren’t far behind. While fall is a beautiful season full of color, bonfires, and haunted houses that make you scream like a child, this season is also notorious for teeth-chattering wind chills that can leave you shivering even inside of your own home.

With the threats of a Midwestern winter ahead, chances are, you are scrambling to warm up your home before the season hits in full effect. Luckily for you, warming up your home this autumn can be simple.

Seal Your Siding

Before ice storms become the norm, take advantage of a nice fall weekend to repair or replace any damaged siding on your home. Not only will new siding give your home the welcoming warmth of polished style, but secured siding will help to physically keep the warm air your furnace makes from escaping, leaving your home warm and comfortable for the dipping degrees ahead.

Put on a Coat (of Paint)

While it won’t necessarily warm up your home by degrees, a new coat of paint in your living room or kitchen will help liven up your space for the chilly season to come. Opt for neutral tones like brown or cream to help incorporate rustic flair to your house that is both a current interior design trend, and an easy way to add much-needed metaphorical warmth to your home.

Light a Fire

Nothing says fall quite like a crackling fireplace, so light it up and revel in its guaranteed warmth in the months to come. Whether gas or wood, your fireplace will not only give your living room heat to enjoy, but it will also set a comforting warm tone for when you have friends and loved ones over to gather at your house this autumn.

Just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean that you need to settle for mittens and scarves. With just a few adjustments to your home, you can warm up your space in more ways than one all season long.

To learn more about warming up your home this fall, visit Total Home Remodeling.

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