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Home Remodeling: The Benefits of Going Green

Home Remodeling: The Benefits of Going Green


Homeowners across the Kansas City Metro are taking advantage of the trend of going green. Growing in popularity, eco-friendly materials are starting to find their way into more homes throughout the country. Whether for the health of the world or simply personal taste, green building products are becoming a must for any remodel or renovation.

What are the Benefits of Going Green in Your Home?

When you incorporate environmentally conscious materials, like engineered wood siding, into your home projects, you will reap many benefits like:green-home-concept

1. Lower Energy Costs

Eco-friendly building materials are often made with efficiency in mind. Whether a window or siding, these pieces help to insulate your home more effectively, keeping air temperatures comfortable without the need for excess work from your heating or cooling systems. Because of this, going green with your home can lead to lower energy bills.

2. Longer Lasting Materials

Because they are made with recycled elements as well as stronger binding agents than alternatives, green building products are more durable, and longer lasting than their standard counterparts. This allows your materials to look and perform their best for more years and requires less maintenance from the homeowner.

3. Increased Home Value

As time goes on, homes that are environmentally friendly are more appealing to buyers. People are willing to pay more for a house knowing that it was built with green materials, giving your home an instant boost in value once those pieces are incorporated.

Going green with your home does not have to be as extreme as solar panels and alternative water sources. In fact, making your home eco-friendly can be as simple as swapping a certain style of floorboard for a composite alternative. When you do, you will not only benefit personally, but you will also be helping the planet.

To learn more about environmentally friendly materials for your next home remodel, contact Total Home KC today.

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