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Get Your Siding Ready for the Changing Seasons

Get Your Siding Ready for the Changing Seasons

It may still be 80 degrees outside, but the change in weather is quickly approaching – Fall is on its way. While it may feel like summer will never end and we will be stuck with our A/C’s running well through January, rest assured that the leaves will change, and you will wish for warmer days soon enough. But before the upcoming season takes its toll and you find yourself wrapped in blankets freezing in your own home, make sure that your siding is ready for the weather ahead.

Make Siding the Life of Your Home's Party

Siding plays a major factor in the insulation of your home. Whether you know it or not, your siding helps to keep the cold air in during hot summer months, and the warm air in during the frostier fall and winter. But in order to do this, your siding needs to be in top shape.

Have you ever noticed that the siding on your home is starting to crack, bend, or even has holes in it? That siding is not doing its job of insulating your home, and therefore needs to be replaced before the season changes. Even if the imperfections just seem to be on the surface of your siding, those small pests can add up, and decrease the insulation powers of your home.

Is Shiplap Right for You?Knowing that your siding is in need of repair is important, but even more vital is choosing the right siding to replace it with. If you choose the same cheap stuff that was already on your home, you will just be faced with more problems sooner than you may care to think. Instead, invest in siding like LP SmartSide. LP SmartSide is made from engineered wood that is stronger, more durable and has a longer life than regular wood siding. This siding also adds an extra barrier of protection to your home, which is sure to keep you and your family warm this coming chilly season.

Fall can be an exciting time, but as you watch the leaves change, remember that your siding may need some changes as well. Be sure to inspect your house’s exterior for any problem areas, and then replace them with LP SmartSide Siding before the air turns too cold, and you are left with a poorly insulated home. Stay ahead of the seasons, and invest in new siding today!

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