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Get More from Your Indoor Storage

Get More from Your Indoor Storage

Interior storage is a key element of most home remodels.

When you remodel your home’s interior, chances are, you envision a space that is brand new and like nothing your home has ever seen before. No more rusted yellow furniture from the 70’s, windows with broken seals, fading cabinets, or clutter. However, no matter how thoroughly you purge your home of past junk, you will always still have belongings that need a practical home in your new remodel. That’s where the beauty of indoor storage comes into play.

Indoor storage is vital to keeping your home organized and clean, but it doesn’t have to mean rows of plastic bins lining your wall. Incorporate indoor storage into your home’s remodel in these easy ways:

Stack It

Keep your belongings from taking up floor space by stacking items on a shelf, or wall fixture. Not only does this help to keep your things consolidated and viewable, but it also has the ability to create a stylish focal point that you never would have dreamed of before. Opt for shelves with color that complement the room’s atmosphere, and even add a plant or two to help create a sense of intended style.

Hide It

For most, storage space is best when out of sight and out of mind. To keep your stored items hidden away from your newly remodeled room, invest in furniture that has hidden compartments meant for storing your belongings. Beds, benches, and even ottomans are great for creating invisible space.

Get Creative with It

Not a fan of traditional techniques? Consider getting a little more creative with your storage by hanging a wire rack on your wall, and then using a pegboard like system to hold bins for keys, pencils, or backpacks. This modern trend is an easy addition to any remodeling project, and can easily be altered when the mood strikes.

Stop worrying about what you will do with all of your belongings after a remodel, and start planning. Incorporating indoor storage into your remodeling project is easy, and can help to keep your home feeling brand new for years to come.

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