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FAQ: What Windows Should I Install?

FAQ: What Windows Should I Install?

As the summer months kick into high gear, many are left with the want to soak up all the sunshine possible, even when indoors. No, laying out by the pool for hours each day followed by a round of neighborhood kickball simply isn’t enough. You want windows in your home that will allow for the sun to radiate through in a stylish and convenient way – and you want that now!

Luckily for you, finding and installing the right windows for your home can be easy and stress-free, especially when Marvin windows are an option, the stylish possibilities are endless.

FAQ: What Windows Should I Install?When choosing new windows to install, it is important to consider which room you want to upgrade. Do you spend the majority of your time in your kitchen? Think about installing Bay windows that will help add dimension and visibility to your working space.

Is family time an afternoon essential? Add life to your living room’s lighting by investing in a handful of new Tilt and Turn Hopper Windows.  These classic pieces utilize the latest technology that not only lets you see and feel the sun’s rays but also allows you to easily open the glass to let that fresh air in.

If you are looking to add some more natural lighting higher up in your home, install any number of specialty shaped windows to help bring new artistry into your space. Opt for a classic hexagon, or go all out with the Marvin Pivot or even the Integrity Impact Polygon. The bolder the choice, the brighter your home will be!

FAQ: What Windows Should I Install?Don’t forget that color and woodgrain is just as important as the actual window itself. Pair shades carefully to encompass a classically clean feel from window to wall, or go bold and make your new windows the highlighting feature of your home.

The location and style that you want for each window are major factors when determining which window to install. While different windows have different advantages, you can never go wrong with any product from the Marvin brand. Get started planning your window remodel today, and soak in the happiness your new pieces are sure to bring all summer long!

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