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Exterior Paint Trends in Kansas City Remodeling

Exterior Paint Trends in Kansas City Remodeling

House with gray exterior paint

Nothing improves the curb appeal of your home quite like a fresh coat of exterior paint. Whether your existing job is beginning to fade, crack, or stain, a fresh layer and color can bring new life to your home this summer.

But how do you know which shade to pick?

When picking the paint for your home, consider these top trending colors of 2018:

Calming and clean, gray exterior paint is becoming more and more popular for home exteriors. Mainly featured on contemporary, modern homes, this paint color gives a sophisticated feel to your residence.

A more traditional take on exterior home color, soft beiges are one of the biggest trends in home design and remodel. Classic yet refreshing, light tones of beige are typically found on more rustic homes in Kansas City and throughout the country.

Soft Yellow
A bold, new trend in home color, soft yellow is one of the most popular exterior shades of the year. Bright and beautiful, this color gives a farmhouse chic feel to your home, while showing off your individual personality.

Light Blue
Modern yet timeless, light blue exterior paint is quickly becoming a top choice for homeowners wanting to give their place a little extra pop. This unique shade is a vibrant way for your home to stand out – in a good way.

This summer, give your home the care it deserves by choosing a top trending paint color of 2018. New exterior paint will not only keep your home looking great, but will also increase the overall value of your residence. So go ahead, pick a shade and start your new paint job today!

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