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End of Year Home Check-list

End of Year Home Check-list

Whether 2018 flew by or you just cannot wait until the New Year, it is no secret that the countdown is on. Between holiday festivities with family, wrapping up the year at work, and just trying to find a minute to enjoy the season, this time of year can be overwhelming. However, these few weeks are also the perfect opportunity to work a little harder and set yourself up for success in the New Year.

Before you ring in 2019, set your home up for the year ahead by completing this checklist:

  • Clean up the area: Between the falling leaves of autumn and the first snowfalls of the season, your home’s exterior can take a beating. Start the New Year fresh by taking the time now to clean out your home’s gutters and clear your foundation of any lingering debris.

  • Inspect insulation: Even though the year is ending, the coldest months are yet to come. Before the below zero wind chills begin, inspect your home’s insulation. Make sure your attic and siding are both appropriately covered. Also make sure there are no cracks in windows that could let cold air sneak in. Fix any problem areas accordingly, and quickly.

  • Maintain temperature: One of the best ways to protect your home’s health is to maintain a good temperature inside of it. Having proper insulation will help, as well as setting your thermostat around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep your pipes from freezing, and your entire family comfortable.

  • Start planning for spring: Sometimes the easiest way to get through those bitter winter days is to have a project to look forward to when the seasons change. Before 2018 ends, brainstorm priority projects for 2019 and start planning how and when they will be accomplished in the New Year.

Getting your home ready for 2019 doesn’t have to be difficult. By doing a quick clean of your house’s exterior to patching a few pieces of insulation to working with the experts at Total Home KC to plan your projects for the seasons ahead, checking off this list of to-do’s now will make for a productive, successful, and happy New Year.

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