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Problems with DIY Door Installation

Problems with DIY Door Installation

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Spring is finally here! For many of us, this signals a time when we feel motivated to clean and improve our homes. If you’re feeling like you’ve been bitten by the home improvement bug and are ready to upgrade your home, you may be thinking about changing out your doors. Just remember, proper door installation is key to a successful remodel.

Doors are the entryway to a room. Because of this, we use them a lot. They also are interior features we look at often, as they’re part of the wall. A drab or plain door can be uninspiring. Worse, a door that’s of low quality or has outdated hardware can be an eyesore. Whether or not you’re repainting your interiors, changing out your doors can be an easy way to upgrade any room in your home.

If you’re considering door installation, you may think that it’s something you could do yourself. If you’re thinking this, think again. Door installation is not something that you should attempt without experience. Installing a door is tricky work and requires the proper tools. Additionally, doors are likely heavier than you’d expect. There is the potential for injury should you attempt a DIY door installation on your own.

Read on to learn more about the problems you may encounter with DIY door installation.

Crooked Placement

Because a door hangs on hinges, the placement of the hinges impacts the appearance and functionality of the door. If a door is improperly installed, it may be crooked. A crooked door is more than aesthetically troubling. In fact, a crooked door may be unusable. Think about it – if a door is hung at the wrong angle, it will not be able to come into contact with the door jamb when closed. Imagine the headache of a door that doesn’t close properly. Being able to close is truly the door’s primary function. If it cannot do this, the door is essentially useless. It will also be a source of frustration every time it’s used. Avoid this by hiring a professional.

Risk of Injury

Doors can weigh anywhere from 20 – 70 pounds, depending on their size and construction. Doors with a solid body are heavier, while doors with a hollow core are generally lighter. Can you easily lift up to 70 pounds? When performing a door installation, you don’t need to just lift a door. You need to be able to hold it in place. If the door slips it could fall, becoming damaged or causing damage to surrounding elements. More seriously, it could cause injury to you. In this case, you would be left injured and also without a door. If you simply must install a door on your own, make sure you have help from someone experienced. However, the best way to avoid potential property damage and injury is to hire a professional.

Improper Installation

Aside from the possibility that a DIY door installation could result in a crooked placement, there is also the possibility that it could result in general improper installation. In this situation, the door jamb piece may be installed in a way that prevents the door, as a whole, from working properly. Save time and money by getting your door installation done right the first time.

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