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FAQ: Do I Need a Bathtub in My House?

FAQ: Do I Need a Bathtub in My House?

A bathtub might not be your preference, but there are factors to think about if you don't have one.

The most traditional way to bathe for centuries, bathtubs have often been thought of as a staple of American homes. However, with the convenience and efficiency of showers growing in popularity, many homeowners are considering getting rid of their tubs altogether. After all, does your home really need a bathtub?

While ditching your tub can save space and give your home a modern feel, there are several reasons why your bathroom renovation should include keeping your bathtub. A few arguments for holding onto that old tub or even installing a new one include:

Resale Value

Even though you may not be an avid tub user, the next person looking to buy your house from you might. In the same way that painting every room in your home lime green affects your resale value, eliminating a bathtub from your floor plan can be dangerous to your house’s worth.


Tubs are useful for more than just your daily dose of cleanliness. In fact, the basin of your tub is incredibly versatile and can be used for washing down several children at once, giving a good cleaning to bulky household items like laundry baskets or plastic shelves, and even hosing off the family dog.


There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day at work, and reading a good book while surrounded by suds. While not always the most practical or efficient way to bathe, bathtubs offer a sense of luxury and relaxation that showers simply don’t.

While you may not use it every day, or even every week, a bathtub is an important piece of your home. Consider how a tub will increase both your home’s function and value, and don’t forget to make it a staple of your next bathroom remodel.

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