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Benefits of His and Hers Bathrooms

Benefits of His and Hers Bathrooms


When you got married to your spouse, you probably agreed to the “what’s mine is yours” policy. However, that doesn’t always work out in everyone’s favor when the thing in question is a small shared bathroom that both of you need to use at the same time. His and hers bathrooms help fix that frustrating hassle, giving you and your partner increased space, and in turn, a better relationship with both your house and each other.

His and hers bathrooms are exactly what they sound like – two bathrooms instead of a single master bath. Growing in popularity throughout the Kansas City area, homeowners remodeling their house can experience a number of benefits from his and hers bathrooms, including:


While, yes, you can have matching his and hers bathrooms, the dual spaces also give you the freedom to personalize each room. Include extra cabinet space for her or a warming towel rack for him, while decorating with one another’s favorite patterned tile or metallic hardware. With his and hers bathrooms, the style customization possibilities are endless.


How many mornings do you need the shower, meanwhile your spouse is still washing their hair? With his and hers bathrooms, you each get the proper space you need each day. Plus, there will be no more minutes wasted searching for the toothpaste when you each have your own.


Along with increased style and functionality, his and hers bathrooms bring added value to your home. Whether you are looking to resell or consider it your “forever home”, consider opting for this master bathroom remodel during your next renovation, and bring your home to the next level. 

To learn more or to begin designing his and hers bathrooms for your home, visit Total Home KC today.

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