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Bedroom Organization Hacks

Bedroom Organization Hacks


No place in your home is more personal, or important, than your bedroom. Not only is it the place you spend 8 (or, let’s be honest, closer to 6) hours sleeping each night, but it is also the spot where your day begins and ends. Because of this, many Kansas City bedrooms are often a chaotic mess thanks to the towels thrown in the corner after a morning shower, shoes kicked haphazardly at the end of the day, and everything in between. However, order can be restored in your room with just a few organization hacks. 

Three Organization Tips to Implement in Your Bedroom Today

Opt for Open Storage

Open storage – like mounted shelving bases and glass paneled dressers – are a stylish way to bring modern flair to your space. These sleek designs help to open up your space for easy access with their clean lines, but also help hold you accountable for your organization. After all, you are more likely to fold those shirts or put those shoes back where they belong if they are on display for the whole room. 

Get it Off the Ground

One of the best ways to organize your room effectively is to get all items that are not furniture off of the ground. This both gives you more floorspace and makes the room appear put together. Either find a new home in existing storage for these pieces, or create a new hanging space – like a pegboard for purses or ties – that keeps your items elevated and space organized. 

Build More

When all else fails and you just need a little extra space to put your things, work with the experts at Total Home KC. Together, we will help create and execute a remodel plan for your bedroom that gives you more storage space while also adding value and beauty to your home. 

Organizing your bedroom not only will help make the space look nicer, but it also will lead you to better peace of mind. After all, nothing can make a day start off on a bad note quite like not being able to find that belt you need. Start organizing now, and you will notice the benefits instantly. To learn more, contact Total Home KC today.

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