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A Look at 3 Kansas City Remodeling Trends

A Look at 3 Kansas City Remodeling Trends


It is no secret that Kansas City is one of the best places to call home. Not only is the Metro full of great places to go and things to experience, but it is also a leader when it comes to trending design. Whether beautiful, functional, fun, or all of the above, the latest Kansas City home remodeling trends are a must for any local home looking to add value and style. 

Three of the top current home trends in Kansas City include:

1. Game Rooms

Give your basement or spare bedroom a facelift by transforming it into a game room. Consider installing light fixtures that complement your pool table, or even a mini kitchen to house all of the snacks you and your family can dream up. Other elements like built-in storage for your collection of board games are also a must-have.

2. Bright Colors

Whether your front door, kitchen backsplash, or living room walls, bright colors are all the rage across the Kansas City area. By incorporating pops of bold red, green, or even blue into your home, you are able to show off your personality in a fun, fresh way. Be mindful though – a little color goes a long way and these shades are best used as accents in otherwise neutral spaces.

3. Floor to Ceiling Windows

With fall leaves becoming their most beautiful, it is no wonder why so many homeowners are opting for floor to ceiling windows. This Kansas City window replacement trend opens up homes to the beauty of nature while creating an elegant, modern feel instantly. Plus, large windows help give visual expansion to your home, creating the illusion of more square footage. 

Add value, style, and more to your home with the latest local home design trends. By partnering with the Kansas City remodeling experts at Total Home KC, you can keep your home looking great for a lifetime. To learn more or to get started on your home renovation project, contact us today.

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