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2020 Home Design Trends

2020 Home Design Trends


Another year is upon us and so are new home design trends. Each year always brings unique ways of styling your home, and 2020 is no exception. Shying away from the neutral colors and clean lines many have grown accustomed to over the past few years, this new decade brings a collection of bold, innovative home designs for you to try.

Three of the top 2020 home trends are:

Earth Tones

The cool colors of blue and gray are no longer at the top of many designers’ minds, and are instead being replaced by earth tones. These rich colors, like brown, burnt orange, deep red, and dark green, help to warm your home in a rustic fashion. A cozy way to add new personality to your space, earth tones can be mixed and matched throughout your walls, furniture, trim, and even accessories like pillows and lampshades.

Antique Accents

Trade in the sharp lines of your modern home for softer, more refined accents. The trend of incorporating antique style in your design is the perfect way to add new layers of dimension to your home. From detailed crown moulding to intricately carved kitchen cabinets, these pieces serve as stunning accents that pull together your entire space. This style trend can even be incorporated in your bathroom via beautiful claw foot standalone tubs, or dramatic vanities. The small details of these antique-inspired elements have a big impact on your entire home’s beauty and value.

Organic Materials

Eco-friendly homes have been a big trend in Kansas City over the last several years, but 2020 is bringing it to the next level with organic materials. From paint to couches to carpet and more, homeowners are eager to use organic building materials in their home. Great for helping the environment as well as the personal health of homes and the people living within them, organic materials are typically made without harmful chemicals and byproducts. Although often more of an investment than their standard nonorganic counterparts, these materials are often of extremely high quality and style.

Using 2020’s latest home design trends in your remodel is the perfect way to keep your home stunning for the new decade to come. To learn more or to get started incorporating these design trends into your Kansas City remodel, contact or visit Total Home KC today.


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