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2019 Kansas City Home Flooring Trends

2019 Kansas City Home Flooring Trends


You walk on it, you stomp on it, you even slide with your socks Risky Business style on it, but when is the last time you thought about your home’s flooring? For many homeowners in the Kansas City area, it is time to consider replacing your old flooring with new, improved materials during your next renovation.

When remodeling your home, keep in mind 2019’s top flooring trends:

Hard Surfaces

Wood, laminate, tile, vinyl – no matter which you choose, all of the most-popular flooring styles are hard surfaces. Gone are the days of wall to wall carpeting, and instead homeowners are opting for alternative flooring that not only looks better, but also is easier to clean and maintain over a lifetime.

Dark Colors

From dark browns to statement-making shades of black, flooring color is deeper and richer than ever before. These dark colors – whether incorporated in hardwood, tile, laminate, or other flooring options – add luxurious, rich texture to your home. Plus, these shades are more forgiving of any dents or scratches in the floor, making them perfect for families.

Whole-Home Matching

While it used to be common for different rooms of your home to have different flooring – carpet in bedrooms, hardwood in the kitchen, vinyl in the bathroom, etc. – now a lot of Kansas City homeowners are opting for matching floors throughout their entire home. With full composite wood plans being the most sought-after, this style trend helps to create a more cohesive home design.

When choosing flooring for your home, you cannot go wrong with any of 2019’s trends. Combining the aesthetics of hard surfaces with dark colors throughout your entire home will not only create a beautiful space, but it will also add priceless value to your home.

To learn more or to incorporate one of 2019’s home flooring trends into your remodel, contact Total Home KC today.

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