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Here at Total Home, we don’t do MEDIOCRE home remodeling. In order to properly show off our talent and skill in home remodeling, we rounded up the worthiest home remodeling products our industry could offer. Rest assured – those guys who give you the unbeatable estimate? They buy the cheapest products on the market, without a care that they will make a home remodeling project that only lasts 5 years.

Home Improvement in Lenexa

If you’re looking to buy a cheap-quality, cheap-warrantied, piece-of-poop home remodeling product that could be just as easily found at your local hardware store, then please, leave this site immediately– best of luck to ya! But if you aim to install “The Good Stuff” by all means read-on:


marvin windows
We are an authorized Kansas City Marvin Window & Door dealer. This means that the big whig’s over at Marvin Windows Corporate actually trust us with the wheelings and dealings of their spectacular products. That’s not too shabby in our book! Marvin can custom manufacture wood windows to your specifications for your home remodeling project (that means size, shape, color– you name it) and gives a slammin’ warranty to boot! Now, not all folks are into the tree-clad window look. For those of you who desire more of a synthetic appeal in your replacement window, Marvin’s Integrity Window line is something to take a look at. These fiberglass windows look fabulous and are a great alternative to wood. And you can trust Total Home after over a decade of installing in the Kansas City area. Marvin Windows are the finest in the home remodeling industry. More on Windows…





gerkin storm doors
At Total Home remodeling, we really like installing doors, no matter what kind they are! When it comes to patio doors, no one beats Marvin. Their wood doors will make your neighbor’s drool and the Integrity line of fiberglass doors are virtually indestructible! If you’re looking for a storm door, the Gerkin guys do it, and they do it well. They’ve been crankin’ out good-looking storm doors since 1932 (that’s around the time Pat was born). They have some super cool features and the neatest part– ordering your storm door is as easy as 1,2,3! You pick the model, color, hardware and options. We take your home remodeling from there! Fun stuff, eh? More on Storm Doors…








home remodel in lenexa ks
Ah, siding. So often under-appreciated, yet so very, very important, and not all siding was created equal in the home remodeling business. Siding is the winter coat that keeps your house warm. It is the protective sheathing that resists lions and tigers and bears (oh my). It is the tortilla wrap that holds everything inside your burrito. A home’s siding carries many responsibilities. Not only does it have to perform well, it has to look good while doing it (sort of like us at Team Total Home). The home remodeling products that we install are durable, beautiful, dimensionally stable and resist damage from extended exposure to humidity, rain, snow, salt, air, and termites- also known as the anti-siding coalition. More on Siding…







roof in leawood ks
Our highly trained Roof Specialists will determine and evaluate all of your roofing concerns. We can offer everything from a detailed storm analysis to working with you through the insurance claims process (and we have handled more than a few of those un-cooperative insurance agents out there, don’t you worry) to installing customized high performing roof systems designed to meet your specific home remodeling needs. We offer impact resistant roofing materials as well as energy saving balanced attic vent systems. And they look pretty sharp too! More on Roofing…








sext gutters
We offer the sexiest, most glamorous Guttering in the KC Metro. That’s right, it’s just great. Our aluminum gutters are offered in either 5″ or 6″ sizes, and they are sleek and smooth and soft to the touch. (Come on, what do you expect us to say about them–they hang on your house, they keep water out of your flower gardens, and if you don’t have them, you’ll definitely be sorry!) More on Guttering…









Home Remodeling

home remodel in olathe ks
We love a good home remodeling project more than baked goods or local craft beer. And that’s sayin’ somethin’! Knocking down walls, opening up new spaces, lighting up dark rooms… this is how we breathe new life into an old house. Our team of home remodeling wizards will come into your kitchen, bathroom, basement etc. and whip up some magic that you won’t hardly believe! As a full service home remodeling business, we can handle anything you can throw at us, inside and out! (NOTE: Please don’t literally throw things at us. We understand that it’s an easy mistake, but we can’t handle, say, a 100 lb dumbbell thrown from across the room. It hurts. And will probably cause home remodeling damage that you will then have to pay us to fix. Thank you.) More on Home Remodeling…