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The majority of people who remodel will sell their home sometime within the next 5-10 years. This means the majority of remodel projects are viewed, at least partially, as an investment. But not all projects hold their value equally. This article from Fox Business highlights the 6 worst remodels you can do with resale in mind. Of course, if you’re planning on never moving again, then disregard this completely and do whatever the heck you want with your home! Or, if you’re past the remodel point and getting ready to start the sale process, check out our tips on preparing your house for an appraisal.

Six Worst Home Fixes For the Money

built in cabinets and deskIt’s the magic phrase uttered by almost anyone who’s ever considered the cost of home remodeling: “We’ll get it back when we sell.” Unless you keep those projects practical, though, you might just be kidding yourself. For example:

• Steel front door: Good.
• Master suite addition costing more than the average American home: Bad.

Every year, Remodeling magazine looks at the hottest home upgrades and renovations and calculates just how much owners get back with they sell. Upkeep is more popular than upgrades these days, says Sal Alfano, editorial director for Remodeling. These are the projects that often recoup the biggest slice of expenses at resale. But prices and returns do vary regionally, he says. Read more…

remodel to sellAs home values continue to waver, many people are turning to a different option to increase their investment. The logic goes, “If I remodel to make the house more valuable, then I can resell and finally turn a profit!” Unfortunately, this approach is not as straightforward as you might think.

As home prices fall, so does the recoup value of your remodeling projects. In the last 10 years, recovered value from major remodeling projects has dropped by over 30%. But there are still some projects that return a large portion of their value, and will encourage buyer’s interest in your home. Read more…

We ran across this great post on Houzz this morning and thought we’d share:

Selling a home was difficult even before the market started to slide. Now every penny counts more than ever — which means that every leaky window, every dangling gutter and every ugly cabinet can make a big difference in the price of your home. While we all have a natural tendency to nest in the places we live, the reality is that many of the changes you make (or don’t make) can make or break your home’s asking price.

What to do — and what not to do — before and after a home appraisal? We asked Houzz users and professional appraisers across the country for their tips.

Read more…

Having trouble with your landscaping this hot, hot summer? Curb appeal has major ramifications for those selling their home, and the recent heat brings a real challenge. Read the article below to learn some basic knowledge and a few clever tricks to keep your home’s first impression a good one.

Article originally published here.
summer landscape tipsThe warm weather season is now upon us. Fun in the sun, swimming, and outdoor activities are in. But, is it possible to successfully sell your home with all the summer heat? Well, selling your home when temperatures soar can be challenging, especially keeping your outside landscaping in tip-top shape.

Studies have shown that homes that have an attractive and well-maintained landscape have a better chance of getting the price you desire and then some. Potential buyers expect to see your home in the best condition it can be. Read more…

depressed remodelingFor us, remodeling is never depressing, we LOVE it! What we’re talking about here is the fact that a lot of remodeling is done to spruce up the home just before selling. But how stupid is that?! Pour in money, time and energy to make your house a dream home… for someone else. Has anyone else ever felt the irony here? Cleaning, painting, landscaping, little updates. All these things could easily have been done at any point, but we do them when they will only be enjoyed by the future home occupant. Depressing. The point is, do you really want to wait until you’re flying the nest to make it spectacular? Read more…

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

movingOf course, you know we prefer that you decide to remodel- it’s just way more fun! But when your living space is less than ideal, we understand that a serious decision lies before you. Move or remodel? Remodel or move? So many factors go into this decision that it makes sense that we deliberate over it more than a kid in a candy store!


There are so many pros and cons to each scenario that there is really no magic formula to make the decision. But the following tips from MSN Real Estate will get you on the right track and give you some often overlooked factors to help you on your way. And, of course, if you decide to remodel, we’re always here for you… Read more…

When You Hate Your House

ugly houseOk, so your house is not exactly your dream home. What options do you really have? At the very broadest level, you really only have two choices: You can stay where you are and try to transform yuck into WOO HOO! or you can give up and just move somewhere that fits your ideal a little closer. But this topic is a lot more complex than that and deserves a little more attention.


There are many, MANY things to consider when it’s time to improve your home situation. Determining “stay or go” is the first step in how to move forward. The best place to start is the factors that will not change Read more…